24 junio 2011

Sublime... "El vendedor Mas Grande Del Mundo" Og Mandino

[...]...Ademas, no habrá nadie que satisfaga tus gustos ni te consuele cuando no hayas vendido las mercancias; ninguno excepto aquellos que tratan de aprovecharse de tu dinero... [...]

[...]... Nunca te avergüences de emprender algo aunque fracases, porque aquel que no ha fracasado nunca, no ha intentado nada tampoco en su vida ... [...]


Hoy toca in english...

hello people:

It is finally Friday!. Yesterday we were in the pool all morning. Felt like I was on vacation and it was my last day. It was a mixture of being right and wrong at once. Very strange.

Anyway, the point is that today begins a weekend, a different one, the last de Fer. Going to work every weekend. As if that were not enough, the next weekend Miko leaves. I run the kids for the first time since I started out with them.

Not that I will make, but surely a good thing.
Maybe one day these two get away from all the bad end of me.

A kiss and encouragement for all.
See you when you have something to write.

El tiempo en Coslada...